Hardware Documents


JAGA16 Specification Sheet 

Sample Recordings

Quick Start:

Video: How to get started in 15 min

JAGA16  Users' Quick Guide 

Software Download: 

Download  for JAGA16

Before recording with JAGA 16:

Have you implanted electrodes in the brain?

Have you charge your batteries for the device?

Have you installed the software Neurophys?


Connectors and Accessories:

JAGA16 Mill-Max Pin orientation (MILLMAX ED83100_ND FEMALE)

JAGA16 Millmax Pin info-manufacture-no.

JAGA16 Millmax-Omentics adapter Pin orientation

How to charge batteries

Testing JAGA16 with signal generator

Testing network: 

How to set up jaganet (Wi-Fi network for JAGA16)-only for resetting purposes

Signals are noisy or get intermittent? 

How to find the best channel for jaganet

How to turn off firewall on my computer


Electrode Interfaces:

How to interface JAGA16 with electrodes

How to make your own bundle electrodes

How to position EIB on subject

JAGA16 Millmax EIB (tetrode version) Pin orientation


Use two JAGA16 devices together: JAGA16_ECH32/64:

Adapter Millmax16x2_Omnetics32 

How to synchronize two JAGA16 devices

How to use four JAGA16 devices



Download  for JAGA16


Data Acquisition using NeuroPhys

Users' Comprehensive Manual with NeuroPhys (v.4.2)

How to troubleshoot for the first time with JAGA16/NeuroPhys

How to play audio files using NeuroPhys

Data Analysis after NeuroPhys

NeuroSorter User Guide (v.2.2)

Converting NeuroPhys data output to CSV data format

plx2mat: How to convert NeuroPhys data (plx) import into MATLAB (mat)

Instruction to use plx2mat

JAGA  Basic Software (We no longer provide software support )

JAGA16  Users' Quick Guide Using Python code (Jaga_display.py) (v.4.1c)

JAGA16  Users' Quick Guide Using Python code (v.4.1b)

Video: How to use JAGA16 with our Basic Software 

JAGA Basic Software User Guide for JAGA16 (v.4.1c)

How to install Anaconda Python

JAGA data header format nonproprietary (v.3) 

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