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JAGA Accessories


  • JAGA_TTL: TTL input can be synchronized with neural recording from JAGA16.  Either BNC cable, a TTL/IN-OUT USB input device, or a IR transceiver device.

  • Adapter for Millmax_Omnetics: converts JAGA's Millmax connector to an Omnetics connector.See pin orientations when converting between Millmax and Omnetics.

  • Stereotaxic Holder: Used for implanting electrodes.

  • Router: Pre-configured router that listens to JAGA16. All you have to do is power the router.See How to set up jaganetHow to find the best channel for JAGA16. Note: Our router is a stand-alone network. It is not connected to the main network of your university/institution nor the Internet. Therefore, our system does not create any security issues. 


Millmax_Omnetics adapter

JAGA16 Millmax EIB 

Signal generator Adapter

Stereotaxic holder


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