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JAGA systems


We offer compact, affordable, wireless neural recording (electrophysiology) devices for the neuroscience community. 


We use integrated circuits (e.g. Intan Technologies, LLC) for the amplifier and low-power mobile technology used in other industries for transmission.


We allow neuroscientists to combine neural recording and behavior experiments as easy as possible. We also partnered with ANY_maze to offer such combined solutions. 


JAGA system:  lightweight, compact, natural

Conventional system:  wired, bulky, constrained

JAGA systems are a stand-alone, all-in-one-unit wireless electrophysiology recording device.  

Our plug and measure product enables a more natural and untethered neural recording environment.   


  • The entire device includes amplifier, digitizer, signal processor and transmitter.

  • Fully digitized data for transmission

  • Uses standard network protocol (TCP/IP over Wi-Fi) or commercially available low power RF protocol.

  • Can be plugged into your electrodes via a connector.

  • Uses rechargeable batteries that can be attached to the device or to animal's back.

  • Data streams wirelessly to your computer.

  • Alternative to conventional electrophysiology devices that are wired, bulky and more expensive.

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