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JAGA Beta testers

Our beta testers have been extremely helpful in giving us feedback: Alex, Sally, Jesse, Shreesh, Margo, Jeanne, Jordan, John, Craig, Nick, Chinsu, Hyungchul, Fei, Guoqiang, Josef, Chris, Pooya and Babak. More people want to test our device in the future (once their setup is ready): ChingLing, Michelle, Robert, Kevin, Zhangdong and Jongwon.

We met Tom during this beta testing period. He improved our product tremendously in terms of performance and usability. Anyone who has been involved in engineering knows that it is difficult to build from scratch (0-90%), but it is just as difficult, or even more so to finish the product (90% to usable). Tom contributed to this later stage of our product. Because of his experience during his Ph.D. (he built his entire hardware/software electrophysiology equipment), he gave us many suggestions on what we can do better. After our interaction with him, JAGA16 became even more polished.

We learned that early adopters and beta testers are extremely important for new technology and product. We were pleasantly surprised that people we did not know were willing to try our device during our campus visits. They are risk takers and visionaries, and we greatly appreciate and respect their contribution.

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