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Our JAGA beta product

Markus has greatly improved the JAGA16 prototype and turned it into a beta product. We were super-excited to see our coin-sized device reliably transmitting 16 channels at 14kSps/channel. Markus decided to use UDP (for transmission protocol) for now and wrote a Python script to capture raw data. We can do everything with just our device and a laptop (Welcome to the 21st Century!). We can envision our users carrying the device in their pockets and moving from room to room with their laptop.

Mee had the initial idea of our product. To get from "idea" to alpha demo, many people helped along the way - to name a few, Laith, Brian, Kyle, Jae, Sherhzad.

Thanks to teamwork, we now have the beginnings of a great product for the neuroscience community!

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